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Our firm is a law and tax boutique that specializes in the real estate sector and offers you expert advice and representation as your investor, promoter and/or professional intermediate in real estate transactions, without the language being an obstacle.

We also advise in financial and wealth management which together with our constant global analysis allows us to select the best real estate solutions for both your financial and fiscal targets, and offer you key advice on mortgages.

So from the beginning of your investment, including turnkey projects, we will manage all the formalities involved in your real estate transaction, whether buying or selling, either for you or your company. Our goal is to help minimize your costs, we work first hand with local real estate professionals, notaries and banks, eliminating any unnecessary extra charges.

Legal Boutique Advisers

We are a law and tax firm who offers legal advice, at national and international level, without the language being an obstacle.


Constantly in contact with professionals in real estate area, on whom you can leverage so that our global analysis allows us to select and advise you the best real estate solutions, reducing the tax impact.


We want to draw your future!



When it comes to property investment, we are committed to protecting nature and respecting biodiversity, and we know that investing in the construction of a low-consumption building or a passive house, allows for a solid return on investment in the long term, and also facilitates resales and capital gains.


We are proud to share that we have created a partnership with the OOD ARCHITECT Studio, who committed to bioclimatic passive design, sensitive environment. are and to its Each project attends to the microclimatic conditions of the site to take advantage of natural resources.We know that each client is different, so our services are designed and tailored to your needs. We want them to feel comfortable and secure, and that their interests are protected, giving a closer approach and creating solutions tailored to their needs.


We want to draw your future!!!


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