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LEGAL BOUTIQUE ADVISERS, as  advisers  specializing in real estate transactions, has extensive knowledge of the market with international connections.

The security of having an expert lawyer in real estate and taxes, in situ, allows us to propose a real service of accompaniment to companies and individuals, that best suits your needs, without wasting time, that allows you to reduce the cost of your acquisition.

We listen carefully to your requirements and establish objectives according to your projects, possible constraints and your financial situation. We favour negotiation to achieve advantageous results more quickly and apply it at each stage when and where necessary, in a safe and confident manner

Marbella is located in a place known as “Golf coast”. In addition, buying a property on a golf course is the guarantee of being able to live in a sustainable environmental quality and  make a good investment thanks to the development of golf and strategies for legal and fiscal optimization of heritage.

Puerto Banús and the Port of Sotogrande, are two enclaves of national and international reference. We advise you in the registration and management of BOATS. If you want to buy a boat, we accompany you both in the search for this, that suits your needs, and the legal form of your purchase.

LEGAL BOUTIQUE ADVISERS admires and understands  the art in all its manifestations and considers it as an essential value in the harmony of daily life.

The art market has had a clear development for some time, without precedent. It has democratized, liberalized and internationalized. Tax incentives encourage citizen participation in art by reducing their taxes on donations that contribute to the development of art and culture

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